Is Food More Than a Fuel?


This is a picture of the final copy of the Social Anthropology Project/Dissertation I handed in last week. The title was: ‘More Than Fuel? An exploration into the effects of food production and consumption in shaping sociality, health and power’.
The project was a very intense workload and combined a lot of work I have done in relation to food over the past few years. The topic, was similar to that of the film for this Visual Anthropology project and so the research intertwined into both.

Because of this project, I was only able to begin to spend time editing on the film a few days ago. I realised also, post-filming, that my time editing was going to be a lot harder because of a few major mistakes I made along the way. I was using a Nikon DSLR to get the visual footage and a Roland sound recorder booked out from the university to record audio at the same time. However, I accidentally turned the sound recorder off on my camera during shooting, meaning it has become very hard to match the audio to the video in post production.

In light of this, it has forced me into a more creative process of editing the film. So, at the moment, I am putting all of the video together into the 10 minute project, of which afterwards I am going to pick out sections from the sound recordings and lay them on top of the video. It seems like quite a disjointed process, but, hopefully will lead to a more interesting and original creative project.


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